The UAS makes it easy to observe a specific area from up to a height of 400 ft. or in narrow areas. In less than 5 minutes we are ready to fly and able to send live images to the control vehicle. This way you can monitor and intervene if necessary. 

On several occasions the UAS could be a unique expansion to surveillance. Without the high costs, though with the same advantages as a helicopter, it is possible to shoot the precise pictures and monitor the right spots in a specific area. It assists the ground surveillance to maintain order at events.
The system provides pictures and videos and gives you a sharp overview of possible obstructions in traffic, monitoring & mapping for selective harvesting, coastal surveillance or any other project that needs assistance from the sky.

“Control your surveillance with our UAS's for a better overview!”


  • Real estate surveillance
  • Border Surveillance
  • Coastal Surveillance
  • Crime Scene Surveillance
  • Crowd Surveillance for events
  • Dike Monitoring
  • Disaster Site Monitoring & Mapping
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Fire Scene Inspection
  • Fishery Control
  • Police Applications
  • Road Traffic Surveillance
  • Sports Events Surveillance
  • Cloud (Tracking & Monitoring)
  • Maritime Surveillance
  • Anti-poaching control