Skyvision Unmanned Aviation can offer solutions for top end detailed mapping solutions.
Skyvision has expertise in the field of topography, allowing for topographic precision. Our UAV’s are ideal for urban areas, open mines, medium or large sized rural works or places with difficult access. 

 The incredible flight times of over 1 hours enables us to work cost efficient, and intelligent software solutions offer you just the results you may expect. 



Skyvision Unmanned Aviation using unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) for aerial photographs at low altitude. Flying at low height provides sharp images in which all the details are clearly visible. 

 By using a geometrically calibrated camera and adding control points on the ground, we are able to calculate the corresponding coordinates for each image pixel. The pictures are further adjusted for elevation terrain and color differences due to changing weather conditions.

 Then all the photos of a region are counted together into a seamless geo referenced mosaic. After processing, the images can be used used directly in a CAD or GIS to measure or to be mapped.



Skyvision is using a Tetracam Mini-MCA 6 for multispectral imaging. Long before the stress factors that endanger plants can be seen in the visible spectrum, they appear in the near-infrared.

The Mini-MCA 6 of Tetracam monitors the visible and near infrared radiation that plants reflect. This enables our customers to capture the data they need to anticipate to problems caused by extreme climate changes; weeds, pests and diseases; over-planting; improper irrigation; inconsistent application of fertilizers; poor drainage and, a host of other problems that impact the health of crops.

Mapping by UAV is an accurate way for imaging a large area


  • Digital Elevation             
  • ModellingDigital
  • Terrain Modelling                
  • True Orthogrammetry
  • 3D Elevation Modelling     
  • Volume Measurements
  • Multispectral Orthogrammetry