Emergency Response Team

For Search & Rescue operations time is precious. The quicker you respond, the bigger the changes are for survivors. With an UAS you are capable of giving a quick overview of the area and search or locate missing persons. This way an UAS can be an assistant for rescue workers. They can monitor the location and come up with a rescue plan.

We have our own command vehicle that can be deployed to big incidents, disasters and assist local authorities. Skyvision Unmanned Aviation has the capability to fly non-stop with a camera and is able to exchange UAS's. In some occasion we can fly with multiple UAS's. By using various frequencies the live images can be send towards the commando room. This way we're capable to analyse two separate live streams of two flying systems. By having a large amount of batteries in the bulk charger, we're not committed to any flight times. So permanent imaging won't be any problem.

“With our specific technology we can reinforce your SAR-mission 24/7”


  • SWAT operations
  • Emergency comms network (incl. relay)
  • Disaster Site Monitoring & Mapping
  • Search for Missing Persons
  • Natural Disaster Monitoring
  • Fire Scene Inspection
  • Disaster Site Monitoring & Mapping
  • Avalanche Survivor Search
  • Contamination - Tracking & Monitoring
  • Maritime Search & Rescue
  • Post-Disaster Relief Operations