Quality, safety and innovation are our core values. The strength of Skyvision Drone Technology is that we strongly believe in our values and no concessions are made.


We are aware of the importance of image quality. Generally moving images offer less quality. Therefor, when selecting our UAS's, image quality has been our starting point.Our systems provide sharp images; full HD and the flexibility cannot be compared to the footage from a glider or the expenses of a helicopter.


Safety is a prime consideration in all of our operations. We maintain a strong connection with the regulatory authorities and uphold the latest safe operation practices, for the safety of the public, the environment, and our employees.


Innovation makes the impossible possible. It provides novelty and progress. We only invest in the most innovative systems available, while constantly improving and extending our capability. 

Permits, Licences & Training

We always follow and comply with the rules and regulations of the region we are working in. Skyvision only operates under adequate permission from local authorities and maintains systems airworthy at all times.

Training of our crew is a high priority. All personnel of Skyvision Unmanned Aviation is fully VCA (Safety for Operational Supervisors) certified. Pilots operating in Europe are certified BNUC-S (UAS) pilots, Class 1.

Company Exemption

  • Skyvision Unmanned Aviation is in the possession of a company exemption for flying with our unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).
  • We are registered in BNUC-s as Class I operator. We have strict safety protocols and our operating manual functions as our guideline for safe, responsible and successful operations.
  • Our aircrafts are registered just like any other civil or military aircraft in the Netherlands and each operating aircraft in the fleet is accredited and registered by the EuroUSC for the Individual Design & Construction Process (IDCA).
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  • Skyvision Unmanned Aviation is a member of the Dutch Certified RPAS Operators