The equipment of Skyvision Unmanned Aviation consists of high quality products that meet the strictest safety requirements and the latest technology in aerial photography and video.

Control Vehicle

We developed our own control vehicle consisting of a Volkswagen Crafter with trailer. The Crafter is divided into two compartments: a commando room and a UAS supply space. The vehicle has multiple UAS's in the back. All systems are ready to fly, and don't require any assembling before take-off.

In the commando room there are two ultramodern computers, one is connected with four 24inch LED monitors and one connected with a 42inch LED Touch screens. The room is provided with communication radios, a high-end surveillance system which can show live images and zooming into a specific object and an editing space. By using 6 hard drives of 2 terabytes each, all images can be saved and processed, which gives you the possibility to rewind specific images instantly and video edit immediately.


UAS & Payload

  • Skyvision Unmanned Aviation owns multiple systems consisting of UAS and payload equipment. This flexibility enables us to ensure you of consistent quality.
  • All of the cameras are replaceable, so we will have 100% productively in any situation.
  • Discover the possibilities of our UAS- Lidar combination