Our system provides you with a good overview during inspections and enables you to anticipate on many different occasions.

The manoeuvrability of the UAS allows you to have a very detailed view, the possibilities are endless and it is disposable right away.


Commercial inspections of potential risky objects like: big real estate projects, bridges, wind turbines, pipe- and power lines are easy to inspect with a close-up video. The camera images are transferred directly by 2.4 en 5.8 GhZ downlink to the control vehicle, which gives you the opportunity analyse directly and anticipate on the situation if required.


For local authorities the UAS could be a great solution on numerous occasions. Our systems can play an important role for example with crowd control, emergencies, traffic obstructions or disasters. The safely compact system, changeable cameras, GPS possibilities and almost noiseless engines are perfect for purposeful and result-orientated inspections.


We now also use the newly developed Optris PI LightWeight, combined with the PI 450. It is a market innovation which allows for radiometric recording of video imagery from the air. The combination of a miniatur lightweight PC and a light version of the optris PI thermal imager weighs only 380 g. The PI LightWeight is therefore ideally suited for maintenance work and quality inspections of solar and wind power systems and also for thermographic surveys of buildings etc. 

“High-altitude inspections are easier then ever before!”


  • Oil & Gas Pipeline
  • Solar Panels
  • Agriculture Monitoring
  • Wildlife Census
  • Critical Infrastructure Inspection
  • Thermal Isolation Analysis (Buildings)
  • Power Line / Cable
  • Algae Proliferation Detection
  • Aerial Terrain Mapping
  • Gas Burn-Off Stack Tip Inspection
  • Wind Turbine Blade Inspection
  • Bridge Inspections
  • Forestry Management & Research
  • Historical Monument Inspection
  • Railway Track Bed
  • Flair-Tip-Inspection
  • Salt Water Infiltration Detection
  • Radiation Measurement & Monitoring